UMC_logoSaint Mark United Methodist Church is a local congregation of the United Methodist Church. We are an 11 million-strong global church that opens hearts, opens doors, and opens minds through active engagement with our world.

The United Methodist Church is a church in the Wesleyan tradition, meaning, the eighteenth century English clergyman John Wesley is our founder. Wesley believed that the living core of the Christian faith was revealed by Scripture, illumined by tradition, lived out in personal experience, and confirmed by reason. As a church in the Wesleyan tradition, the United Methodist Church holds these principles as fundamental.

We believe that God’s Grace is the undeserved and unmerited favor of God through which any person can be brought to salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. We believe, however, that once we believe in Christ we must continue our Christian journey to live out God’s grace in our lives. We strive to perfect our lives in love through God’s sanctifying grace. We believe that good works are an essential sign of faith in God. We do not earn our salvation. That is a gift of God. Our reformed and dedicated lives and the good works that flow from that, however, are our gift to God as evidence of our faith.

We also believe that faith is not lived out inside the walls of the church. Faith embraces all of life and those who love God must be concerned with the state of society and the world. As a denomination we commit ourselves to the ongoing struggle for justice in all forms, true Christian unity, and the fulfillment of all people.

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