Sermons from September 2014

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Showing Up For Work


 The gospel relates a parable in which two sons are asked by their father to go to work in the vineyard. One agrees to go but later fails to go. The other refuses to go initially but later goes. In the sermon Beth discusses the need to be present for those we care about and […]

“Hey! That’s not Fair!”


In the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard, Jesus lets us know that God’s love is available to all people, regardless of the path they took to find God or how long that pathway took them. In this sermon Beth lays out some basic differences between churches that stress right behavior as necessary for […]

Speaking the Truth in Love


Matthew’s gospel lays out a pattern of communication for Christian community that stresses one on one personal conversation to resolve conflict. In the sermon Beth discusses modern social media and how it is pulling us away from this biblical ideal. It is so easy to text or email someone, or update our Facebook status, that […]