Sermons from January 2015

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Don’t Get Bogged Down!


How do you  keep from getting bogged down in the mission God has called you to? 1. Cultivate an eternal detachment like Jesus and his disciples did from worldly concerns. 2. Practice CPR: listen to the council of the Community God has surrounded you with; Pray daily; Repent of those attitudes that get in the […]

Get Moving!


Our third lesson of the New Year is to Get Moving! In the Gospel lesson, Jesus singles out various people to come and be his disciples. If we wish to be Christ’s disciples in this world, we, like them, must be willing to get up and go when Christ’s call comes to us.

Change is Good


In our second of Seven Lessons for the New year we are encouraged to learn to embrace change. Change is a constant and so those who wish to be happy in life must learn to roll with whatever comes.

Focus on the Light


In the first of our sermon series entitled, Seven Lessons for the New year, we are encouraged to seek out the sources of light in our lives and to focus on them instead on sources of darkness.