A wedding is a wonderful time of worship and celebration and we are grateful for the opportunity to share this very special day with you!

Both members of the congregation and their immediate families as well as those who are not members of Saint Mark can be married at Saint Mark.

Weddings are only scheduled on Saturdays and rehearsals generally take place on Friday evenings. Weddings cannot be scheduled on holiday weekends, just prior to Holy Week, immediately following Easter, or during the month of December.

The fee for scheduling your wedding at Saint Mark is $3000 (including a $1000 deposit, $500 of which is refundable). Fees include: the use of the facility (sanctuary and dressing rooms), fees for the pastor, organist, A/V services, wedding directors and arrangements for clean up on your wedding day.

To see the church facilities or for more information, contact Christia Holloway in the church office via email at cholloway@stmarkumc.org. You are also invited to visit the sanctuary during our Open Doors open house on Saturdays from 11:30am to 1:00pm (no appointment is necessary but we recommend you call the church office to confirm the Open Doors schedule).

Because the United Methodist Church currently bans its clergy from performing weddings for gay people, performing such ceremonies places United Methodist clergy at risk of losing their ordination credentials. We believe that this situation is unjust, not only because it treats gay couples unfairly but because it forces our clergy to choose between ministry to all people and continuing ministry in the United Methodist church. For this reason, some of our clergy have chosen to resist this policy by performing weddings for all who request them regardless of the denominational ban. This must be a personal decision, however, taken by each individual clergy person in consultation with couples wishing to be married. Therefore, before your wedding can be performed at Saint Mark or elsewhere by one of our clergy, you must consult with the pastor you wish to perform your wedding and secure their assent to do your ceremony. In this way each clergy person can act in accordance with their conscience and all couples can be given equal consideration.